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Reconstruction of the roof on a equestrian ranch

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Horses |

Horse stables are usually large objects that are made of solid materials with hard top roofs highly resistant to almost all nature forces. The usual deal about maintenance of the roof of those stables is just recovering it from time to time in order to keep it functional due to possible leaking issues. While the solid roof made of tiles is long-term one, it surely can get into the state that requires a complete and thorough construction, and if the roof is made in western style, usually made of light materials with a lot of wooden material, there are many nature forces that can influent on it and wreck it completely to the point where a complete reconstruction is required.4dd034f0297298347b0a181cffd8118034fe3ede_big

There are some main reasons to perform a complete reconstruction of the roof on a horse stable:

  1. Rot in certain parts of the roof or even the entire roof

  2. Renewal of the attic space in order to be used as a secondary warehouse – adding another story

  3. Repairs that are performed shortly after the construction of the newly poor quality or unqualified repair works

  4. Repairing due to some bad weather influence, such as strong winds or heavy hail

Worn out roof can cause many problems in an equestrian ranch. Leaking of the water is one of them and it is certainly not wanted in the area where those noble animals spend most of their time. Another reason is safety, which is highly compromised in cases of very rotted roofs, where the only question is not if, but when the roof is about to crush down on horses or people inside.b2cc2c08e1034a74ab0f6c82ceae54e5

In some cases, equestrian ranch owners decide to repair the old roof by improving the stable by one story above the horse space. It is good to be used as a warehouse for horse food or equipment, but in many situations, it is not advised to make any living space above the horses, especially race horses because those are animals that need peace and quiet surrounding for their rising.

4843951_timber-framed-equestrian-centre-completed_t1c132b15Well, it is not uncommon that unprofessional construction workers do the job in an inadequate way and poor quality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of alternative construction companies that work without the necessary references and recommendations, and usually, there is no option of legal treatment against them. Bad news for the owners, after such inappropriate roof reconstruction, the only way to fix it is to invest in another complete reconstruction. Be aware of such construction companies, because roof reconstruction is an expensive project, that is not easy to handle even for those that raise and sell high costly race horses. The first thing to check out is the average price of the roof reconstruction, so if their offer is a lot cheaper than the others, perhaps it is a reason to avoid such company instead of hiring it due to a low price.

920x920Weather condition across the world have changed past years, so we have strong winds and heavy snow in some parts where have never been such weather condition. Strong winds can easily rip off the entire roof of a horse stable, so it is advised to have some underground shelter inside equestrian ranch area for the case of strong winds. The same thing goes for heavy snowfall because many roofs on horse stables are not made to hold out such weight that provides high levels of snow.